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Vibemetrics Service Terms of Service

Updated 24.6.2018

Description of the service

The Vibemetrics service consists of feelings measurement functionality, result and statistics displays, and administrative functions. The users input their feelings comments and reactions into the service and browse the input of other users in the organisation. Organisation-level superusers are able to administer the users of the organisation.

Parties of the service

The service provider is Vibemetrics Oy (VAT number FI29882203).

The subscriber of the service is the organisation who has subscribed to the service and offers the service to its employees, members, customers, guests or other people in similar relation to the organisation.

The user of the service is an employee, member, customer, visitor of the subscriber or a person who has a similar relation to the organisation, whom the subscriber personally invites to use the service or who uses the service on their own initiative through a shared link or similar means.

Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data in Vibemetrics is described in the privacy policy statement of the service.

User obligations

The user together with the subscriber is responsible for the technical equipment and data connection with which they are using the service.

The user is responsible for not using the service for illegal purposes and for not disturbing the functioning of the service.

Subscriber obligations

The subscriber together with the user is responsible for the technical equipment and data connection with which the user is using the service.

The subscriber is responsible for providing the service provider with the user contact information required for the deployment and usage of the service.

When administering its users, the subscriber is responsible for keeping the number of users within the limits of the service licence purchased by the subscriber.

Service provider obligations

The service provider is responsible for providing the service so that it is usable 24/7 excluding unforeseen disturbances and service maintenance breaks.

The service provider is responsible for the necessary protection and encryption procedures as well as proper handling of the data (including personal data) stored in the service.

Other terms

The service provider has the right to change the terms of service by informing the subscribers by email or using the service. The changes become effective one week after informing the subscribers.

Along with these terms, the Information Society Code (917/2014) and the Personal Data Act (523/1999) of the Finnish law are applied to the service.

Any disputes concerning the service are primarily settled by negotiations and ultimately in the District Court of Helsinki.


If you have any questions about these terms, please contact